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SoftMaker Office 2010 Multilingual for Windows v10.0.0.574 [LinkMF]

on Tue 14 Sep - 19:31:53
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Choose SoftMaker Office 2010 as your office suite, and you will get the job done in less time and with better results.
SoftMaker Office reads and writes Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files seamlessly – and costs only a fraction of Microsoft Office.
Everything speaks for SoftMaker Office 2010:
* Powerful: Sophisticated office software for business and home users alike.
* Compatible: Reads and writes all Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files seamlessly.
* Fast: Starts and works blazingly fast. Slow is out.
* Reliable: Does what you want. No nasty surprises.
SoftMaker Office 2010 is available for only € 69.95 – you don't have to spend more for a high-end office suite.

Powerful. For business and home users alike.
SoftMaker Office 2010 comes with the following applications:
* TextMaker 2010, the reliable and friendly word processor that reads and writes Microsoft Word files without a hitch.
* PlanMaker 2010, the fully Excel-compatible spreadsheet that lets you create the most elaborate worksheets.
* SoftMaker Presentations 2010, the presentation graphics program that simply creates better-looking presentations than Microsoft PowerPoint.
* BasicMaker 2010, a scripting language and environment that lets you automate recurring tasks.

All programs are a perfect match. They not only provide consistent menu and dialog box arrangements, but can also exchange data smoothly with each other.

Fast. Nobody wants to wait.
Nobody likes to wait. You should not put up with slow office software – period! SoftMaker Office starts lightning fast, works lightning fast and calculates lightning fast. While the competition still tallies up the figures, your document is already done!
But SoftMaker Office is not only fast: it also has minimal hardware requirements. SoftMaker Office cuts a fine figure even on netbooks.
You can also install SoftMaker Office 2010 on a USB stick. That way, you always have your office suite with you, ready for use.
Compatible. Microsoft Office, OpenDocument, and many more.
When you receive documents from colleagues or customers, you want to edit them with your office suite. That's why SoftMaker Office reads and writes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with highest fidelity. You can even set your default file types to "Word", "Excel", and "PowerPoint", and never worry about exchanging documents again!
InfoWorld magazine says: "SoftMaker Office shows superior compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, while OpenOffice.org 3.1 falls flat."
TextMaker also supports the open document standard OpenDocument, making it compatible with OpenOffice.org. In addition, SoftMaker Office exports documents, worksheets, and presentations to PDF format.

Reliable. Does what you want.
Nothing is more annoying than an office suite that does not do what it is supposed to do. German computer magazine c't has published some horror stories about some of our high-priced competitors.
In contrast, SoftMaker Office is renowned for working reliably in all situations: It won't be fazed by the largest documents and most complex calculations.

Affordable. Costs only a fraction of Microsoft Office.

€ 69.95: This is a price everybody can afford. No need to pay more for a full-featured office suite.

The Top Five new features in SoftMaker Office 2010:
* Support for the DOCX and XLSX file formats from Microsoft Office 2007
* Comes with 3 licenses for home and business use
* Presentation-quality charts in PlanMaker
* Breathtaking DirectX-based animations and slide transitions in SoftMaker Presentations
* Document tabs for easy switching between open documents

In the Press
"The better Office alternative: SoftMaker Office bests OpenOffice.org.
SoftMaker Office shows superior compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, while OpenOffice.org 3.1 falls flat.
With its TextMaker application, SoftMaker has achieved what the combined forces of Sun Microsystems and the whole of the free open source community could not: reliably exchanging data files with Microsoft Word."

The Great Software Blog:
"SoftMaker Office represents an improved, more powerful Microsoft Office 2003, but built with ease and speed at every turn in its interface and engine. Most people will want exactly that, especially those not willing to relearn everything with Microsoft Office 2007."
File size: 126.49MB


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Re: SoftMaker Office 2010 Multilingual for Windows v10.0.0.574 [LinkMF]

on Thu 16 Sep - 14:51:54
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